GOALS of PVRHSD Music Department

  • Create community on all levels: within our classrooms, our department, our school buildings, and our local population, as well as within the national and global community

  • Create a positive, inclusive and tolerant school atmosphere

  • Increase learning across the curriculum and develop teamwork

  • Foster creativity, develop imagination and nurture independence

  • Inspire students to become life-long learners and intelligent consumers of music

  • Enable students to make informed aesthetic choices

  • Help develop the full range of students’ abilities/potential

  • Enhance self-esteem, self-discipline and focus

  • Develop the capacity to refine work, aspiring to high quality standards

  • Develop the ability to solve complex, often ambiguous, problems

  • Facilitate opportunities for all students seeking musical self-enrichment

  • Broaden the opportunities for students seeking a future career in the field of music

  • Teach an understanding and appreciation of the various types, styles, and forms of music which can be beneficial during an entire lifetime

  • Provide a creative, motivating vehicle for mastering all forms of technology in an innovative learning environment


Music Department

Course Offerings


Please see Program of Studies for additional information* 
  • Music Theory I- *for serious students of music
  • Advanced Placement  Music Theory - for serious students of music- -prerequisite -Projects in Music Theory I & II, teacher and/ or supervisor recommendation
  • Chamber Choir- audition required*
  • Concert Choir
  • Lunch Choir
  • Band Lunch (available at PVHS*)
  • Intro to Music through Guitar (semester course)
  • Guitar 1- Prerequisite: Introduction to Music through Guitar or six months of private study
  • Guitar  Ensemble - prerequisite -Guitar 1
  • Concert/ Marching Band
  • History of American Music -semester course

*Highlighted courses are available to 9th-grade students
*Any student interested in the Pascack Hill's Zero Period Concert Band class (meets before school begins) should fill out this document and submit the PH Guidance Department for future scheduling purposes. Please email Ms. Tobin (stobin@pascack.org) with this signed permission slip to participate. 
Additional Information about the PVHS Choral Program (Choral Director: Mrs. Safari) 
Additional Information about the PHHS Choral Program  (Choral Director: Mrs. Elkin) 
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 Special thank you to Alexa Hacopian and all of the PVHS teachers for all of their hard work. 
 Get to know our Pascack Hills Elective courses and teachers:
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