GOALS of PVRHSD Music Department

  • Create community on all levels: within our classrooms, our department, our school buildings, and our local population, as well as within the national and global community

  • Create a positive, inclusive and tolerant school atmosphere

  • Increase learning across the curriculum and develop teamwork

  • Foster creativity, develop imagination and nurture independence

  • Inspire students to become life-long learners and intelligent consumers of music

  • Enable students to make informed aesthetic choices

  • Help develop the full range of students’ abilities/potential

  • Enhance self-esteem, self-discipline and focus

  • Develop the capacity to refine work, aspiring to high quality standards

  • Develop the ability to solve complex, often ambiguous, problems

  • Facilitate opportunities for all students seeking musical self-enrichment

  • Broaden the opportunities for students seeking a future career in the field of music

  • Teach an understanding and appreciation of the various types, styles, and forms of music which can be beneficial during an entire lifetime

  • Provide a creative, motivating vehicle for mastering all forms of technology in an innovative learning environment


Music Department

Course Offerings


Please see Program of Studies for additional information* 
  • Music Theory I- *for serious students of music
  • Advanced Placement  Music Theory - for serious students of music- -prerequisite -Projects in Music Theory I & II, teacher and/ or supervisor recommendation
  • Chamber Choir- audition required*
  • Concert Choir
  • Lunch Choir
  • Band Lunch (available at PVHS*)
  • Intro to Music through Guitar (semester course)
  • Guitar 1- Prerequisite: Introduction to Music through Guitar or six months of private study
  • Guitar  Ensemble - prerequisite -Guitar 1
  • Concert/ Marching Band
  • History of American Music -semester course

*Highlighted courses are available to 9th-grade students
Additional Information about the PVHS Choral Program (Choral Director: Mrs. Safari) 
Additional Information about the PHHS Choral Program  (Choral Director: Mrs. Elkin) 
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