Assessment Modifications

logo District Vision:  To create a culture of innovation, inquiry, and individuality that promotes achievement and choice by cultivating the skills needed to compete and collaborate as ethical and responsible global citizens.


District Mission Statement:  The mission of the PVRHSD is to prepare our students for successful college and/or career experiences with the needed mindset, skills, structures, and knowledge to accomplish that goal.


District Assessment Philosophy:  To check for understanding and/or competency of curriculum standards using a balance of methods that give useful feedback to inform growth.

Using departmental specific methods under the leadership of the departmental supervisor, this feedback leads to a summative grade which is an evaluation of student competency with the curriculum and associated standards.

As a result of the ongoing evaluation of the 2015-16 and 2016-17 assessment changes, as well as the school climate survey completed in February, 2017 by students, faculty and parents, a committee was formed consisting of administrators, faculty, and students. The committee was tasked with creating a plan that strikes a balance between having a full week of midterm exams and no midterm schedule at all. If you wish to read details, committee notes can be viewed here.

A plan was formulated by the committee and subsequently approved by the District Curriculum Committee in early May, which consists of administrators, parents, Board of Education Members, faculty, and students.

At the Board of Education meeting on May 15, 2017, a presentation on the plan was given by Dr. Bachenheimer (Director of Curriculum), Dr. Russo (Mathematics Supervisor), and Mr. Buchanan (PV English Teacher & Student Govt. Advisor) as representatives of the committee.  If you wish, a video of the presentation can be viewed here. The Board gave their consent to implement this adjustment to the way the district administers larger assessments, specifically midterm and final exams.

Here is what the midterm schedule will look like for 2017-18:

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.31.12 PM.png


Main points:

  • This takes place a full week after the district returns from winter break and two full weeks prior to the end of the semester on January 26, 2018.

  • Teachers are not required to administer an assessment or a midterm.  Individual department’s assessment plans will be coordinated by their Supervisor.  If departments choose to give a midterm or assessment, it will be given during their regular teaching period on Jan. 10, Jan. 11, or Jan. 12.

  • Regular instruction will continue during the week for classes without midterms during their scheduled periods. Lunch will be served each day.

  • The entire week will be a “No daily homework” week for students. Long term projects in classes not administering midterms may be worked on during class time.

  • During the yellow “Study and Extra Help Periods”, students may meet with teachers for extra help, make up exams (if missed due to illness), or engage in quiet study. All teachers will remain in the building and available for students. Building administration will coordinate supervision during this time.

  • Students can elect to stay in the building for extra help, make up exams, or quiet study on Wed. and Fri. after 1:26pm if they wish. Buses will pick up at normal time of 2:55pm. Faculty will remain in the building to be available for students or to evaluate assessments during these periods.

  • Monday, January 15th is MLK Day and students are off from school. During the morning of MLK Day, teachers will meet by department to focus on evaluation, student feedback, and analysis, facilitated by their supervisor.

  • The final exam schedule for 2018 will be similar, with the addition of an extra day to administer.  That schedule will be published in the spring of 2018.

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