Virtual Day Recovers Snow Day

Virtual Day Recovers Snow Day
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To comply with the New Jersey state regulation of school being in session for 180 days, the Pascack Valley Regional High School District ran a Virtual Day on April 6, 2018, during our scheduled Spring Break.  Making up the day as a Virtual Day allowed students to work in school, at home, or wherever they might have been during the break with an Internet connection.  The district feels this solution was a creative and productive way to address the scheduling challenge this created for many of our families.

With the guidance of our subject area supervisors and administration, teachers created lessons intended to be instructional and engaging, while providing for feedback and communication.  

A comprehensive list of lessons our students participated in would number in the hundreds; however, in an effort to give our community a sense as to the type of lessons teachers provided, below are a few examples:

  • Math: Students populated Google Slides, posting questions based on the unit of study and allowing other students to answer the questions.  Also, students submitted explanations of how to complete a problem via video, with other students and the teacher providing feedback.

  • Social Studies: Students were asked to read several primary source documents then synthesize an argument on how this pertains to Civil Rights.  Students would then participate in online discussions through our Canvas Learning Management System

  • English: Using NoodleTools, students annotated research projects.  Some students participated in a Twitter chat, where the focus of discussion was on their independent reading.  Other classes were reading The Crucible and Hamlet, and during the day had online discussions via Canvas.

  • Science: Through, students designed and conducted an experiment about gravitational force, later submitting a lab report.  Another class used Insert Learning to read an article, answer questions, and respond to student posts about the potential extinction of certain invertebrates.

  • World Language: Students recorded video using FlipGrid, in the target language, about what they did over their Spring Break.  In French, some of our students used goFormative to converse about topics reviewing their previous unit.

We are proud of the effort our teachers put into preparing and carrying out the lessons, and for the great level of responsibility our students demonstrated in their participation. 

We would like to extend a thank you to all for the support they provided the district while addressing this scheduling challenge.  Everyone working together creatively demonstrates how being innovative will help our students succeed in our ever changing world.

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