Digital Citizenship is comprised of several different topics. Below is a list of these topics, with resources to help you along the way.

Teachers, students, parents, and all exploring our site are encouraged to explore these topics with us!

Digital Footprint

We all have one! This article explains what your digital footprint is and best practices for leaving your best footprint behind.

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Self Image and Identity

Building on your Digital Footprint, your Self Identity is how the digital (and arguably real) world know you. Learn how to manage your self-identity and the relevance of not managing your digital self online.


Relationships and Communication

Whether through email, text message, or social media, nearly everyone in the modern world communicates digitally. How and what we communicate means the world - learn more!



The effects of cyberbullying can be more damaging and permanent than physical schoolyard bullying, as the posts are public and permanent. Learn how and why we need to stop this once and for all for both the bully and the victim.


Privacy and Security

Think your information is private and secure online? Make sure by learning about information security and the ramifications of insecure information.



Have you ever copied and pasted text/images from the Internet and just dropped them into your document or presentation? If so, you likely broke the law! Find out what is OK, and not OK, to copy, how to know, and how to do the right thing by the author.


Information Literacy

We can Google anything - but are we getting the best information? Learn about the need for strong information literacy skills, both inside and outside the classroom.

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