Gifted and Talented

Policies and Procedures Used to Identify Students as Gifted and Talented:
Board of Education Policy 2464- GIFTED AND TALENTED STUDENTS (M)

The continuum of services available for Gifted and Talented Students:
The educational program offered to gifted and talented students will encourage and challenge them in the specific areas of their abilities, but will not replace the basic instructional program of the various grades of this district.  The program offered to gifted and talented students may include, but are not limited to:  pull-out programs; classroom differentiated instruction; acceleration; flexible pacing; compacted curricula; distance learning; advanced classes; or individual programs infused into the student’s regular instructional program and/or extra curricular programs.

Criteria Used for Eligibility:
Multiple measures to determine eligibility for gifted and talented programs may include, but are not limited to:  achievement and standardized test scores; grades; student performance or products; intelligence testing; parent, student, and/or teacher recommendation; and other appropriate measures.  The identification methodology will be developmentally appropriate, non-discriminatory, and related to the programs and services offered by the district.  The identification procedures will be reviewed annually.  The subject supervisors will review the cumulative files of all grade nine through grade twelve students against the criteria for identifying gifted and talented students.  The review will include consideration of intelligence ratings, classroom achievements, the results of standardized testing, and teaching staff member observation reports.

Complaint Process:
If an individual has a concern or complaint about the district's Gifted and Talented Program, those concerns may be directed to:  Dr. Barry Bachenheimer, Assistant Superintendent at [email protected] or at 201-358-7020 x22033.
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