PHHS Tri-M 2021 Project

PHHS Tri-M 2021 Project
Photo of Tri-M Music Honor Society MembersPascack Hills High School Tri-M project 2021

Music is our universal language. It has evolved throughout the centuries and has sustained an integral part, in not only human history, but our daily lives. The isolation and loss experienced by many globally, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has impacted the mental health of everyone. Musicians took to their platform and expanded their level of creativity while simultaneously reaching a broader audience through apps such as Spotify and Tik Tok. Their music offered a time of respite by becoming a source of healing for our mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, engagement with the community by using our passion for music has remained imperative. 

The Tri-M Music Honors Society has been an active organization in Pascack Hills for 11 years. It is made up of highly talented, dedicated and passionate high school musicians. Guided by Mrs. Margarita Elkin, these students practice diligently over the course of months to prepare themselves for their concert and initiation in February. This year they used their talents to spread the message of unity through music to the Woodcliff Lake and Fieldstone middle schoolers.

Starting from the beginning of March 2021, Tri-M Chamber Choir and Concert Band members have been tutoring middle schoolers to help them practice their instruments, and strengthen their voices. The weekly 30 minutes lessons are given via Google Meet.  This initiative was extremely well-received by the middle school students and their parents. We received more requests than the number of Tri-M members (13). 

The decision was made to expand our instructors' team. Based on Mr. Dore's and Mrs. Elkin's recommendations, the members of the Concert Band and Chamber Choir started to give lessons as well. The number of people involved in this project keeps growing. Some instructors have even 2 students! The current number of people participating in this Tri-M 2021 project is 37 students.

Everybody is very excited about this unique opportunity!  The parents of the Middle School kids reached out with words of appreciation, and our high school musicians are happy to share their talents and skills with younger kids.

The lessons will continue until the end of the school year.
What is truly amazing is that our current situation related to COVID-19 forced us to think outside the box, and now we strongly believe the Tri-M project will become a wonderful tradition!

Having role models to support young artists is crucial to their success and as high school musicians we want to be that beam of inspiration for many years to come.

PHHS Tri M Project
Photo collage of students who participated in the Tri-M Project

Tri-M project participants (2021)

1. Caitlin Buckley (7th/ FMS)
2. Chloe DeCarli (6th/ FMS)
3. Rebecca Kaplin (5th,FMS)
4. Owen Baskin (5th, FMS)
5. Kaitlyn Nagy (5th,FMS)
6. Gowri Nair (5th,FMS)
7. Diane Huang (7th,FMS)
8. Yasaswinin Polamaraju (6th, FMS)
9. Naomi Joseph (5th,FMS)
10. Rebekah Joseph (7th,FMS)
11. Keira Wolfrey (5th,FMS)
12. Mia Parisi (5th,FMS)
13. Elijah Chen (7th,FMS)
14. Shoya Maenosono (5th,FMS)
15. Samantha Wainhause (5th, FMS)
16. Deshna Shah (5th,FMS)
17. Jack Herrington (8th,WLMS)
18. Matthew Sheehan (8th,WLMS)
19. Filip Svecak (8th, WLMS)
20. Suhani Mahale (9th, PHHS)
21. Amy Attala (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
22. Jasmine Delgado (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
23. Rachel Blume (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
24. Rebeccah Cohen (PHHS,Tri-M, Chamber Choir)
25. Yemie Yoo (PHHS,Tri-M, Chamber Choir)
26. Christina Priestner (PHHS, Tri-M, Chamber Choir)
27. Shariany Then (PHHS, Tri-M, Chamber Choir)
28. Madeline Leibman (PHHS, Tri-M, Chamber Choir)
29. Kelly Quinn (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
30. Daniel Song (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
31. Amy Sheehan (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
32. Anna Lewis (PHHS, Tri-M, Chamber Choir)
33. Sam Cohen (PHHS, Tri-M, Concert Band)
34. Grace Zak (PHHS, Concert Band)
35. Amanda Bang (PHHS, Concert Band)
36. Riley Haworth (PHHS, Chamber Choir)
37. Scianna Scott (PHHS, Chamber Choir)
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