Internship Highlight: Katelyn Eror

Internship Highlight: Katelyn Eror
Graphic:  Intern Katelyn ErorInternship Highlight: Katelyn Eror

Since she was five years old, PV senior Katelyn Eror has always been interested in healthcare and obstetrics. After learning that her aunt was pregnant with triplets, Katelyn became fascinated with labor and delivery and even attended an appointment to witness her aunt’s first sonogram. By middle school, Katelyn’s interest in obstetrics was solidified after learning about the female reproductive system. Now that she’s a high school senior, Katelyn is able to take her interest in women’s healthcare to the next level by participating in the internship program. 

Katelyn interns at the Comprehensive Women’s Care of Paramus, a practice that focuses on routine gynecological and obstetrical care, infertility, high-risk obstetrics, and minimally invasive surgery. Her mentor is Emily Sullivan, Practice Manager.  The office has been a part of the internship program for several years. 

“Usually [the practice] has had a few interns at a time, in previous years. But I know with COVID there’s been a lot of changes ” Emily said. “We love having students of all kinds in our office. There's always students in the office. It's just the culture of what we do.  Everybody likes to learn and share their knowledge, and everybody likes to do better if we can all share our information.”

When Katelyn first started interning in September, Emily knew right away that Katelyn would be an asset due to her ability to connect with patients. 

“She was aware of the importance of our role in healthcare,” Emily said. “Working at an OBGYN office is a very special opportunity because you're a part of very special moments in patients' lives, both profoundly happy and profoundly sad, and everywhere in between. It seemed like from the very beginning, Katelyn was very aware of that, and was very sensitive to our patients’ needs.”

At the start of her internship, Katelyn’s role was to clean patients’ rooms, take phone calls, set doctors’ appointments, send medical records, and call different insurance agencies. As her internship progressed, Katelyn was able to shadow other doctors and even sit in on procedures. 

“My favorite part of internship is getting to shadow the medical assistant during doctor’s visits or getting to shadow the nurse practitioner or doctor because then I get to watch cool procedures like a colposcopy or a cystoscopy,” Katelyn said. 

Intern Katelyn Eror
Pictured: Intern, Katelyn Eror, at her work desk

Three months into her internship, Katelyn was able to elevate her role at the practice after they offered her a job. In January, she was able to officially begin working in the office. Katelyn said that she uses her internship hours to shadow doctors while her work hours are spent in the reception area. 

“One day, I asked [Emily] if it was okay to step out of the office for a second since I had to take a phone call because I was trying to get a job at a restaurant [at the time],” Katelyn said. “She was like “Oh yeah, sure, but you know we’d love to hire you if you wanted to work here.” It was so unexpected and I was like “Oh my god thank you.”’

Through her time participating in the internship program, Katelyn said that the most important takeaway she’s had was being able to embrace diverse opportunities. 

“Even in the beginning [of my internship] when I was just cleaning rooms or calling patients to confirm their appointments, they were all learning experiences because I was able to learn how to talk to patients over the phone in a professional manner and how to work with other people in a workplace setting,” Katelyn said. 

After high school, Katelyn plans on attending the University of South Carolina as a nursing major. Katelyn believes that her internship at Comprehensive Women’s Care of Paramus will help her stand out among other nursing peers as she has been able to obtain real world experience in a medical environment.
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