Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the Year

Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the Year
Photo: (left to right) Barry Bachenheimer, Michael Sherman, and Alison Petaccia (PVHS)

We are pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Teachers and Educational Services Professionals of the year for Pascack Hills and Pascack Valley High Schools! This year, we recognize Mr. Michael Sherman (Pascack Valley Video Production Teacher) and Ms. Lorrie Sandhage (Pascack Hills Physical Education Teacher) as our Teachers of the Year. Our Educational Service Professionals of the Year are Mr. Enrico Attanasio (Pascack Valley School Psychologist) and Ms. Marissa Watters (Pascack Hills Learning Disability Teacher Consultant).


When recognizing each teacher and professional in their respective classrooms and offices, students and colleagues shared quotes regarding the nominated recipients. Below are a few of these quotes that best describe the character of the recipients and their impact on our school community.

We congratulate all of this year's recipients for all of their continued efforts to make our district a special place.

Mr. Michael Sherman

Video Production Teacher

Photo: (left to right) Megan Graziano; Tom Gallione; Barry Bachenheimer; Michael Sherman; Alison Petaccia; and John Puccio (PVHS)

“Mr. Sherman has been not just a great teacher, but a friend to so many students. He does this through his engaging class which he allows students to freely express themselves through. Not only this, but he is the one who is (and has been) at all the sports events, live streaming them on PVTV. Not only this, but during COVID he was a key element in the remotely live-streamed trivia nights and PVTV episodes done virtually, etc.” 

“Sherman has become such a fixture at PV. He brings life, energy, ingenuity, and creativity to our students. So many students have found a voice in his programs, specifically PVTV. From offering activities during quarantine like scavenger hunts to PVTV, Sherman adds a necessary dynamic to our school culture that would feel less complete without him. I think PV is a better place because of Sherman and we are lucky to have him. He is also a class advisor which is a lot of time, work, and effort.”



Ms. Lorrie Sandhage

Physical Education Teacher

Photo: (left to right) Steve Papa, Barry Bachenheimer, Christine Pollinger, Lorrie Sandhage, Tim Wieland, and Derek Piccini (PHHS)

"Lorrie isn't just teaching physical fitness, she's helping kids be socially and emotionally fit for life. She's making a real difference. "  

"Whether it be actively participating in team sports in the gym, leading workouts in our fitness center, or preparing the students for their DE exam, Lorrie is, and has always been since [her] time at PH, a fantastic teacher, and mentor." 

"Lorrie Sandhage is a voice for our LLD students. She is an advocate for inclusion. She promotes equity in our classes. Lorrie Sandhage is truly the model of “How can I make the lives of my students better today?”



Mr. Enrico Attanasio

School Psychologist

Photo: (left to right) Sydney Lima, Kerry Spano, Marie Zito, Tara Flannery, Eva Merk, Rick (Enrico) Attanasio, Danielle Macaluso, Elyse Elisano, Natalie Burd and Maria Russo (PVHS)


“Rick is a School Psychologist on the PV Child Study Team. He is an essential, go-to team member who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and serves as a mentor, leader, and voice of reason. His realistic but supportive approach is very much appreciated, in addition to his strong perspective and humor. He works collaboratively with others, is creative with the individualized plans he creates for his students in need, is well-liked, and has a positive rapport with his students and their families. 

Additionally, Ricky is also an important, go-to representative of our athletic program. He conducts concussion tests, attends most sporting events/games and works as a ‘security guard’, monitors the weight room after school every day, is one of our baseball coaches.

Overall, Rick is one of the first to be in the building and one of the last to leave at the end of the day. He is hard-working and highly respected by his team members, staff, students, and families. He wears so many ‘hats’ at PV and aces each role he takes on! We are very lucky to have him!”


Ms. Marissa Watters

Learning Disability Teacher Consultant

Photo: (left to right) Christine Pollinger, Derek Piccini, Marissa Watters, Tim Wieland, and Barry Bachenheimer (PHHS)

"Marissa goes above and beyond with her students. She is always in contact with me regarding the students' well-being and success in and out of the classroom. She spends many hours making thoughtful connections with her students.  She is a wealth of knowledge to me when I need assistance or guidance dealing with a particular student or situation.  Marissa is kind and patient with all."

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