The Internship Highlight: Kristen Kiernan

Internship Highlight: Kristen Kiernan

Pascack Valley senior Kristen Kiernan started her internship in August at Femmebot, a unique retail store whose message is to empower women and symbolize their strength by merging “females” with “robots.” The store is located in Ridgewood NJ. Femmebot owner Tina Setia has been a mentor and has proudly supported the Internship Program since 2013. After speaking with Tina, she described Kristen as one of the best interns she’s ever had. 

What started off as a social media internship placement, evolved into an overall entrepreneurial experience. Tina quickly saw Kristen’s potential as she proved herself through every task she was given. 

In speaking to Kristen about her internship experience, she shared: 

“My internship originally started as kind of a marketing internship, but it's transformed now into  a business internship where [my mentor and I] talk a lot about the tactics of buying such as what you see in a store and the certain reason why you buy certain clothes.” 

As she continued to intern at Femmebot, Kristen said that her internship assignments escalated from promoting the store through social media outlets, such as Instagram and TikTok, to learning more about merchandising and interacting with clients. 

“I do like fashion, so it was fun for me to be able to see all the pieces and figure out how fashion businesses work behind the scenes,” Kristen said. “I've really enjoyed the transition I've made to working as more of an employee from interacting with clients to working on  [Femmebot’s website].” 

clothes in store

Kristen’s internship started as Tina was relocating her store. Tina described Kristen as “vital” during this transition. 

“[Kristen] helped me with everything from hanging pictures and putting together the decor of the store, which was awesome,” Tina said. “She helped me and was teaching me things, as well as me teaching her.”

Kristen encompasses a true internship experience as she was able to develop professional skills through her work-to-learn experience. 

“I’ve spent all of my educational career basically in a classroom constantly doing book work, and I feel like now I’m really getting a real-life experience, something I wouldn't get until college or even later,” Kristen said. “I’m driving [to my internship site], I’m dressing professionally, I’m interacting with clients, so I feel like [internship] has given me a head start into the working world.”

After high school, Kristen plans on majoring in political science with a focus on pre-law. She hopes to use the skills she’s developed from her internship to learn more about business and go into corporate law. 

clothes in store

“Internship has allowed me to fully understand what goes into running a business on the entrepreneurial side. It will allow me to have a well-rounded view after I go to college to learn about policies from the legal aspect,” Kristen said. 

Kristen’s takeaway from her internship is that she will continue to focus on business but from a legal standpoint.

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