The Internship Highlight: Madison Szabo

Internship Highlight: Madison Szabo
With the Internship Program extending beyond PV and PH and serving students in towns such as Park Ridge, Park Ridge High School senior Madison Szabo is currently interning at Estro Digital Communications. Estro Digital Communications is a digital agency that specializes in suburban marketing, website development, traditional advertising, and analytics. The agency is located in Westwood, NJ.  Madison’s mentor is Steve Estrellado who is the Digital Project Manager at Estro Digital Communications.     

Madison was contemplating between a career in business or the medical field.  With the guidance of the Internship Team, she decided to focus on marketing and was placed as an intern at Estro Digital Communications.  Madison explained that her internship gave her a “huge clarification” on what career field to choose in college. 

“I think [internship] really did [clarify my career choice]. I love what I do at my internship. I love going out every day and learning new things, and I think it was just really important for me since it helped me find my career path.” Madison said. 

Steve has been a mentor for the Internship Program since 2019, and he commends Madison’s work ethic. 
Madison at desk with estro digital sign behind her

Pictured: Madison Szabo stands with her internship mentor Steve Estrellado and Chief Digital Officer Christian Estrellado

 “I don’t know [if a future high school intern] can top Madison, she’s a top dog,” Steve said. “As long as they possess the same qualities such as enthusiasm, wanting to learn, willing to learn and they have the creativity and depth to do things and push the envelope as Madison does, I [would accept another intern].”

Estro Digital Communications assists clients such as medical groups, restaurants, and law offices in promoting their businesses. As a result, some of Madison’s internship assignments include working on social media calendars and planning which social media posts she should upload based on the company’s interest.  

“We mostly work on social media calendars so we would in advance, make a bunch of posts for [our client’s] social media and then schedule the post based on what the companies want us to promote,” Madison said. “We also do a bunch of website planning, and they have a bunch of meetings with [their clients].”

As Madison continued to intern, she was able to delve into her creative side and work on video productions for some companies. Steve described Madison’s creativity as “visceral” based on the research that she’s done on clients and the Google ads and display ads she’s worked on.
Madison Szabo

Pictured:  Madison Szabo at work on her computer

“[Madison] even worked on TripAdvisor ads which were new to me too,” Steve said. “She actually knew how to make display ads on TripAdvisor which is pretty phenomenal. She’s very creative not only in video production or editing but she has an affinity towards that as well.”

Madison was able to showcase her video production skills when she was asked to create a video for the Internship Program. The video is a compilation of current and past interns sharing their internship experiences and explaining to upcoming seniors what to expect from the program. 

“I [would tell juniors] not to contemplate doing an internship because internship is so much fun, and I look forward to it more than school. Internship is not just where you get out of class early because you are working and you’re trying to figure out what you want to do [in the future],” Madison said. 

Madison stressed that her biggest takeaway from internship is being able to communicate with people via email and in-person. She will use her communication skills to help her assimilate into work environments in the future and strengthen her critical thinking skills. 

“I’ve gotten a lot better with asking the right questions. I feel like if you don't know what you're doing and you're doing it wrong the first time, it’s not worth it.  Just ask [questions] and create a closer connection with your mentors because I think that's really important,” Madison said.

Madison is planning to attend college after high school. While Madison has not yet made a final decision, she knows that she will major in business administration or entrepreneurship. 
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