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Fine Arts

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department

The arts are deeply embedded in our daily lives - sometimes so deeply or subtly that we are often unaware of their presence. Regardless of our paths in life, there is a time when we are moved by a painting or dramatic performance, are thrilled by a musical performance, make careful choices regarding our home decorations, or sing a simple song to our child. Art enriches us by adding fullness to our lives and helps define who we are. It gives us all a chance to express the inexpressible. The arts are an inseparable part of the human journey and are intertwined in our everyday lives.

Course work in the Arts Department challenges students to think creatively, solve problems where there are no standard answers, express themselves in a variety of forms, witness the power of the arts in our lives, and work as individuals or as part of a group. The programs are designed to help students in their continued discovery of who they are and to help them learn to adapt to and respect others and their work. The  Fine Arts Department is rooted in visual/aesthetic knowledge, and hands-on technical skills in the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, design, photography, and ceramics. With these experiences as a basis, students can select course work in any area of the department throughout their high school years. All of our courses are elective in nature and some are available in two and three year sequences. Study in the arts is important to life and learning.