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Academic, Behavioral and Clinical Supports

Park Academy's academic supports and clinical interventions are designed to address the individual needs of the enrolled students. 

Academic supports include:

  • Grade-level instruction, aligned to the New Jersey Core Content Standards;
  • Small group instruction with a low student-staff ratio;
  • Cooperative learning;
  • Project-based learning opportunities;
  • Computers and Smart Board technology in every classroom;
  • Community service activities;
  • Honor Roll and Student-of-the-Month programs;
  • Individualized learning plans for gifted as well as remedial learning needs;
  • Study skills and organizational strategies;
  • Preparation for Statewide Assessments;
  • Homework, organization and attendance plans; and
  • Homework support sessions.

Clinical interventions include:

  • Positive Behavior Support, following the “Cooperative Discipline Model”, which influences students to make constructive choices regarding behavior and allows students to feel capable, connect socially, and contribute to the school community;
  • Structured and supervised socialization activities;
  • Behavior intervention plans;
  • On-going communication between school and home;
  • Individual counseling;
  • Social skills group counseling;
  • Character education;
  • Conflict resolution counseling;
  • Problem solving counseling;
  • Transition services from middle to high school;
  • Transition services back to the student’s home district; and
  • Outreach and collaboration with community based mental health providers.